Our Core Tenants


What We Believe

We believe that girls and women are amazing, and only need the right attitude, exposure and access to work out their amazingness.


What We Do

We are excited about our efforts to eradicate inequity while invoking excellence where matters of women and girls of color are concerned. We are deliberate in making sure that women and girls know how much they matter. And as an organization commissioned to advocate for those who may not know how to advocate for themselves, we will insinuate ourselves into an issue on their behalf. Therefore, whether through our own programs or in concert with other female empowerment organizations, we address as well as teach girls and women of color how to soar above the distracting and discriminatory forces that attempt to get in the way of them actualizing their dreams.


Who We Are

Girls as CEOs is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting improved quality of

life for girls and women of color through awareness/advocacy, mentoring, philanthropic giving, and educational opportunities.

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